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The origin of the Château, seat of the de Vogüé family, can be traced back to Raymond I de Vogüé at the end of the 12th Century. In the 14th Century the Château passed into the hands of the Lords of La Gorce, then de Rochemure du Besset. The lattter transformed it into a large quadranguler building flanked by four towers.

Great changes followed after 1603 when the de Vogüé family took back possession of the Château. Adopting the Renaissance style, this brought immense transformations, such as the creation of the hanging garden. Thanks to the de Vogüés, the old fortress became a luxurious dwelling that reached its peak at the beginning of the 18th Century.

In 1739, Charles de Vogüé moved to the Aubenas Chaâeau, so abandoning the family seat, which remained unoccupied for a century. After the Revolution, the Château was sold as state property but was then bought back in 1840 by the Marquis Léonce de Vogüé. He saved it from ruin and leased it to the nuns of St. Joseph in Aubenas who used it as a school until 1960.

The Château was opened to the public in 1971, with the creation of the Association “Vivante Ardèche”. The de Vogüé family made the Château available to the Association. Today this collaboration has made the historic site into a cultural high point in the Department of the Ardèche.

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